10 Best Rules of Social Media Marketing

To get the power of online marketing, social media marketing can play a great role in increasing your traffic first, and then your customers. Yet, to start without any initial experience of social media marketing tips won’t take you anywhere.

It's so important to have great insights of the basics of social media marketing before getting started. This way, you will enrich your online experience and help improve the profits of your business. 

1. Listen

The main element of success of social media marketing is to listen attentively to your audience. The rule here is “listen more and talk less”. Listening to your audience means to join target audience in his areas, meaning discussions, forums, and whatever place it could be. When you learn what interests your audience, you will be able to create something of importance and add value to their experience. 

2. Focus

Time of encyclopedic minds has come to an end. You can’t master everything, because if you think you can, you will just be the master of nothing. Try to build a strong strategy specializing in one specific expertise. You’ll build your brand name, and you’ll have expertise to compete any other people in the market. 

3. Quality

If you still think that quantity is what matters, then you are left behind. The game rules have changed, and quality matters more than quantity. It’s far more better have 1000 active connections that are interested in what you post and share it with their networks than having ten thousands of inactive connections. 

4. Time

Patience! Patience! Patience! You can’t see results in a matter of few days. Success in social media and in all online marketing strategies takes time. So, you need to have patience and perseverance to continue hard work till you get the expected results.

5. Compound

When you share great content and invest in building your audience, you’ll get a turn on your investment. Your followers will share your content with their followers on most social media networks including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest…

When your content is highly shared, you will get noticed by search engines such as Google and may get indexed for better ranking. In this case, this piece of content can reach thousands of online users. 

6. Influencers

Make sure that you search for influencers in your market and connect with them and try to build a relationship. They might interest in your services or products. If those influencers notice that you are sharing great information and you have an authority in your market, they would share your content to their audience base, which is tremendously large.

7. Value

It’s not all about you and your business. If what you share is only about you and your products, your followers will get bored. Try to mix what you share to add value to your followers’ experience. When you are recognized as a source of valuable information, online users including influencers will tell others about you.

8. Acknowledgment

When someone reaches to you in physical world, the rule is you won’t ignore him. It is the same in online world as well. Building relationship with your followers is one of the core elements of success in social media marketing.

9. Accessibility

Users want to contact you and get answers. Your social media profile is not a place where you throw your posts and get away. It is a platform where you communicate with your audience and get in touch. Also, make sure to keep active on your social media because when you disappear, your followers are likely to change you with another more active source of information. 

10. Reciprocity

If you want others to share your content, make sure that you do the same with their content. So, being active on social media meaning to share great content, and also talk about others’ content and share it.


Rachid Madani

I'm here to help you reach success with your online business. I can help with content marketing, social media, SEO, and email marketing. I provide tips you can follow to build a succesful online business.

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